Adidas Predator Edge .1 Low FG Beyond Fast – Silver Black


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Product Description:
The Adidas Predator Edge .1 Low FG Beyond Fast – Silver Black is the ultimate choice for passionate athletes looking to dominate the soccer field. Engineered to deliver unmatched speed, agility, and precision, these soccer cleats are designed to take your game to the next level.

1. Beyond Fast Technology: The Predator Edge .1 Low FG features cutting-edge technology that enhances your speed and acceleration. The lightweight construction and streamlined silhouette enable you to move swiftly across the field, leaving your opponents in the dust.

2. Superior Grip: With a specially designed outsole pattern, these cleats provide exceptional grip on both natural and artificial turf. The strategic placement of studs ensures optimal traction, enabling quick turns and explosive bursts of speed without sacrificing stability.

3. Enhanced Ball Control: The innovative Controlskin upper of the Predator Edge .1 Low FG offers an unrivaled touch and control over the ball. The textured surface enhances grip, allowing you to effortlessly manipulate the ball and execute precise passes, shots, and dribbles.

4. Responsive Cushioning: Featuring responsive Boost cushioning in the midsole, these soccer cleats provide superior comfort and energy return. The cushioning system absorbs impact, reducing the strain on your feet and allowing you to perform at your best throughout the game.

– Color: Silver Black
– Upper Material: Controlskin synthetic upper with textured detailing
– Closure: Lace-up closure for a secure and adjustable fit
– Outsole: Lightweight TPU outsole with a unique stud pattern for optimal traction
– Midsole: Boost cushioning for responsive and energy-returning comfort
– Lining: Breathable textile lining for maximum airflow
– Fit: Low-cut collar for freedom of movement
– Weight: Approx. 230 grams (size 9)

Take your soccer prowess to new heights with the Adidas Predator Edge .1 Low FG Beyond Fast – Silver Black. With unparalleled speed, exceptional grip, and enhanced ball control, these soccer cleats will empower you to go beyond fast and dominate the game like never before.



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