Adidas Copa 20+ FG G28740


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Product Description:

The Adidas Copa 20+ FG G28740 is a top-of-the-line soccer shoe designed for elite players who want maximum comfort and superior performance on the field. These soccer cleats combine modern technology with classic styling to create a shoe that offers unparalleled control and agility.


1. Primeknit Upper: The Copa 20+ FG features a seamless primeknit upper that wraps around your foot like a second skin. This adaptive fit provides exceptional comfort and allows for natural movement to enhance your performance.

2. Laceless Design: These soccer cleats have a laceless construction, using the innovative Fusionskin technology. This eliminates any distractions caused by traditional laces and ensures a glove-like fit.

3. Foam Heel Counter: The shoe’s foam heel counter helps to secure your foot in place, preventing any slippage during quick movements and sharp turns. This stability feature allows you to maintain complete control over the ball.

4. Fusionskin Leather: The upper material of the shoe is a combination of premium K-leather and synthetic materials. This fusion creates a soft touch while offering high durability, so your shoes will last season after season.


– Firm Ground (FG) Soleplate: The Copa 20+ FG is specifically designed for firm ground pitches. The soleplate provides excellent traction and stability, allowing you to sprint, stop, and change direction with confidence.

– 3D Control Skin: The shoe’s upper is equipped with 3D Control Skin technology, which enhances your control over the ball in all conditions. This feature ensures optimum grip and a responsive touch, giving you an advantage on the field.

– Lightweight Design: The Copa 20+ FG is incredibly lightweight, allowing for increased speed and agility. The shoe’s low-profile design reduces unnecessary bulk while still providing the necessary support and protection.

– Anatomical Soleplate: These soccer cleats are engineered with an anatomical soleplate that is designed to align with the natural contours of your foot. This promotes optimal energy transfer and reduces stud pressure, resulting in reduced fatigue and increased comfort during long games.

In conclusion, the Adidas Copa 20+ FG G28740 is a high-performance soccer cleat that offers a combination of comfort, control, and durability. Its innovative features and superior materials make it the perfect choice for professional players looking to elevate their game to the next level.



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