Adidas Copa 20+ FG Firm Ground ‘Glory Hunter Pack’ EH0875


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Product Description:
The Adidas Copa 20+ FG Firm Ground ‘Glory Hunter Pack’ EH0875 is a high-performance football boot designed for players seeking ultimate precision and control on firm ground surfaces. This boot combines classic design elements with modern technology to provide an exceptional on-field experience. Whether you’re a professional athlete or an enthusiastic amateur, the Adidas Copa 20+ FG will elevate your game to new heights.

1. The ‘Glory Hunter Pack’ design is inspired by the desire for victory and showcases the prestige associated with achieving greatness in football.

2. Premium leather upper: The Copa 20+ FG features a supremely soft and durable kangaroo leather upper that offers an unrivaled touch on the ball. This material molds to your foot shape, providing a glove-like fit and superior comfort.

3. Laceless construction: The absence of laces ensures a larger striking surface and eliminates distractions caused by untied laces during intense matches. It also grants a cleaner striking area for optimal accuracy and control.

4. Integrated X-ray vamp: The innovative X-ray vamp enhances ball control by reducing slippage and improving grip. This technology maximizes contact and ball feel to enable precise passing, shooting, and dribbling.

5. Fusionskin technology: The seamless construction of the upper utilizes Fusionskin technology to offer an unmatched fit and a silky-smooth touch. This eliminates the need for traditional stitching, reducing irritation and potential water uptake.

– Upper: Kangaroo leather upper with Fusionskin technology.
– Outsole: Lightweight and flexible TPU outsole optimized for firm ground surfaces.
– Stud configuration: The boot features a combination of conical and blade-shaped studs for enhanced traction and stability during quick turns and accelerations.
– Sock-like fit: The stretchy collar and anatomical design wrap around the foot, providing a snug and supportive fit.
– Colorway: The ‘Glory Hunter Pack’ EH0875 comes in a sleek white and silver metallic colorway.

Experience unparalleled precision and control on the pitch with the Adidas Copa 20+ FG Firm Ground ‘Glory Hunter Pack’ EH0875. This football boot delivers exceptional performance, combining classic design with cutting-edge technology. Elevate your game and become the ultimate glory hunter today.



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