Converse All Star Pro BB ‘White’ 165653C


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Product Description:

The Converse All Star Pro BB ‘White’ 165653C is the ultimate basketball shoe that combines style, performance, and comfort. Designed with the needs of professional athletes in mind, these sneakers are a must-have for anyone looking to take their game to the next level.


1. Versatile Design: The All Star Pro BB ‘White’ boasts a classic and sleek look that can be easily paired with any outfit, making it not only an excellent choice for the basketball court but also for casual wear.

2. Lightweight Construction: This shoe features a lightweight design, allowing for maximum mobility and agility on the court. It enables players to make swift movements without feeling any extra weight, enhancing their overall performance.

3. Enhanced Cushioning: The ‘White’ All Star Pro BB is equipped with Nike React technology, providing exceptional cushioning and impact absorption. This innovative feature ensures optimal comfort during long hours of practice or intense gameplay.

4. Superior Traction: With its high-traction outsole, this shoe offers excellent grip on any court surface, allowing players to cut and pivot with ease. The enhanced traction minimizes the risk of slipping, providing a secure foundation for every move.


– Color: White
– Material: Premium synthetic upper and rubber outsole
– Closure: Lace-up
– Size Availability: Men’s US 6-14
– Weight: Approx. 400 grams
– Recommended Use: Basketball, casual wear

The Converse All Star Pro BB ‘White’ 165653C is the perfect choice for basketball enthusiasts who seek style and performance in one package. With its sleek design, lightweight construction, superior cushioning, and superior traction, these sneakers guarantee a comfortable and efficient gaming experience. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional player, these shoes will undoubtedly elevate your game. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to step up your basketball game in style with the All Star Pro BB ‘White’!



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