Adidas Copa Tango 19.1 TF ‘Off White Solar Red’ BC0563


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Product Description:
The Adidas Copa Tango 19.1 TF ‘Off White Solar Red’ BC0563 is a top-notch turf soccer shoe that combines style, comfort, and optimal performance. Designed with the needs of serious soccer players in mind, these shoes offer superior traction, enhanced ball control, and unparalleled support.

1. Outstanding Traction: The Copa Tango 19.1 TF features a specialized rubber outsole with a unique stud configuration, providing exceptional grip on turf surfaces. This ensures quick changes in direction and precise movements during fast-paced games.

2. Enhanced Ball Control: The premium K-leather upper of these shoes has been treated with a special finishing, further improving its softness and reducing water uptake. This allows for a pristine touch and complete control over the ball, giving players a significant advantage on the pitch.

3. Total Support: Adidas has incorporated a foam heel counter into the Copa Tango 19.1 TF, ensuring optimal stability and support during explosive movements. This prevents the foot from slipping and minimizes the risk of injuries, allowing players to focus entirely on playing their best game.

– Model: Copa Tango 19.1 TF ‘Off White Solar Red’ BC0563
– Brand: Adidas
– Upper Material: Premium K-leather with water-repellent finishing
– Outsole: Rubber with a specialized stud configuration
– Closure: Lace-up
– Color: Off White/Solar Red

In conclusion, the Adidas Copa Tango 19.1 TF ‘Off White Solar Red’ BC0563 is an exceptional choice for any serious turf soccer player. With its exceptional traction, enhanced ball control, and total support, these shoes will undoubtedly elevate your game to the next level. Invest in the Copa Tango 19.1 TF and experience the perfect combination of style and performance on the soccer field.



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